11/14/2012 06:06 EST | Updated 01/14/2013 05:12 EST

NDP Questions Overcrowded Saskatchewan Jails: Where Inmates Are Sleeping


REGINA - The Opposition NDP is trying to lock down an answer from the Saskatchewan government on jail overcrowding.

Government numbers show that on any given day, an average of 360 inmates slept in bunks placed in spaces other than a cell.

Numbers also show that 233 cells in provincial correctional centres can be double-bunked and all of those cells have housed two inmates over the past three years.

New Democrat Warren McCall says the government needs to explain where the other inmates are sleeping.

Corrections Minister Christine Tell concedes there are overcrowding issues at the province's correctional centres.

Tell says lower-risk inmates are being kept in overflow space such as dormitories, classrooms, gymnasiums, chapels or other secure areas.

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