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Business Friendly-Travel: How To Make Work-Related Travel Easier


There's a certain glamour associated with business travel. Not everyone can say that they get to see the world on a weekly or even daily basis, let alone getting paid to do so. But such perks don't come without certain downfalls.

Airline food hardly compares to a home-cooked meal, and spending hours with co-workers and clients is no substitution for time with friends and loved ones, according to Flyertalk. Then there's the wait times for flights and security clearances that make morning gridlock feel like a walk in the park.

But there are ways to make business travel less hectic. As reported by the Globe and Mail, travellers who do more than their fair share of trips between Canada and the U.S. can cut down on wait times and line-ups by signing up for the NEXUS program in Canada or the Global Entry Program in the U.S. Both are joint programs between Canadian Border Services Agency and United States Customs and Border Protection, and allow for low-risk flyers to head to a separate line-up.

On a personal level, frequent jet-setters can also make travelling easier on themselves, according to The hotel booking website recommends packing light for a couple of reasons. By opting for clothes that are warm and light, travellers' suitcases can shed some unnecessary bulk. Business travellers lucky enough to fit everything into a carry-on can also save money (for their company) on potential luggage fees and minimize wasted time at the luggage carousels.

Speaking of luggage, it's sometimes smarter just to keep suitcases semi-packed, particularly if the hotel stay is short. Hotel room drawers and dressers may look inviting, but by only taking what's necessary for the stay, travellers can leave things where they are, and spend less time and energy packing and unpacking.

That being said, should travellers find themselves heading to Canada, there are some hotels that lend themselves better to the business-traveller variety. According to the Hotel Pricing Index, which analyzes the costs travellers paid, along with distance from major airports and the types of amenities the hotel has available, Canada does have its fair share of destinations deemed friendly for business.

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Calgary, Alberta

There's no shortage of business going on in the province of Alberta thanks to the number of oil sands projects in the works. Just take a look at Calgary, a city that houses the most number head offices than any other Canadian city. The city

features an average daily hotel rate of $162 and when it comes to dinning, business travellers will want to check out Charcut, winner of Calgary's best restaurant for business lunch. In terms of getting there, the city's airport, Calgary International Airport (YYC), features free Wi-Fi (pretty much a business travel staple) as well as spaceport for space cowboys or those looking to take a break from work. Pictured is the lobby of the Delta Calgary, a hotel just a kilometre away from Calgary International Airport.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Those doing business in Halifax can expect a big departure from metropolitans cities like New York, London, and even Toronto. What the city lacks in big name, chain stores it makes up with one-of-a-kind shops, a downtown core that's easily accessibly by foot and lots of fresh seafood. Those staying in Halifax can expect a daily hotel rate of about $155. To get there, travellers can stop by the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) and stay at the Quality Inn Halifax Airport (pictured).

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has a lot to offer those travelling on business, according to the Vancouver Observer, but that may not matter once visitors take in the city's beauty. Those looking to take clients on golf trips will be happy to know that the city's warm temperatures make year-round gold games a possibility.

Those that travel to Vancouver can expect an average daily hotel rate of about $144 at places such as the Delta Vancouver Airport hotel (pictured). The hotel is close to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), renowned for its 114, 000-litre aquarium.


Montreal, Quebec

Bilingual business travellers may find themselves in the city of Montreal, Canada's second-most popular domestic destination for Canadians, according to the Hotel Pricing Index. Montreal also has a versatile culinary scene with restaurants like Toqué and Milos that are perfect for business lunches thanks to diverse menus. . Visitors here will be looking at a daily hotel rate of $154 and can stay at the nearby Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel (pictured), roughly 600 metres away from Montréal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport.


Toronto, Ontario

Torontonians have a tendency to feel that their city is the centre of the universe, and the fact that Hotel Pricing Index ranks Toronto as the most popular domestic destination doesn't exactly temper the ego. When it comes to doing business, Toronto's a top contender, according to the 2012 Cities of Opportunity report, taking third place when it comes to finance, commerce and culture. The average daily hotel rate clocks in at $141 CDN a night and the city has two airports: Pearson International Airport (YYZ) — Canada's largest airport — and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport which is located on one of the city's islands. Pictured is the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, located less than a kilometre away from Pearson International Airport.