11/15/2012 11:42 EST

Frankie MacDonald Weather Warning For Vancouver (VIDEO)

An amateur weatherman from Sydney, Nova Scotia has a dire yet hilarious warning for the West Coast about a torrential rainstorm he expects will hit this Saturday.

Frankie MacDonald is warning Vancouverites in a YouTube video posted Tuesday to wear their rubber boots this weekend as he expects the storm to bring as much as 50 mm of rain.

"People of Vancouver, be prepared!" he exclaims.

The warning is the latest in a series of spunky YouTube videos that MacDonald has posted, warning North Americans about severe weather.

He has developed a dedicated online following with 3,459 Twitter followers and even a fan club.

His work has even earned him a spot on the comedy show Tosh.0, according to a comment he posted to his Vancouver weather report.

About a week ago he posted a video warning Winnipeggers about a snowstorm about to hit their city.

The warning earned him a spot on Winnipeg's Power 97 radio station to talk about the weather.

Prior to that he posted updates about Hurricane Sandy as the storm ravaged New York and New Jersey.