11/15/2012 11:05 EST | Updated 11/16/2012 05:53 EST

Naheed Nenshi In Ottawa: Calgary Mayor Discusses Infrastructure Needs, To Match Federal Funding

Flickr: Naheed Nenshi is Mayor for The City of Cal

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, along with several city mayors, pledged to match any new federal infrastructure funding over the next 20 years, CBC reports.

Calgary's budget can cover capital needs but massive investments, such as a proposed new $3-billion light rail line, could cost as much as the city's entire operating budget, he added.

It is a major commitment for all the cities around the country,” Nenshi told Metro News.

According to CTV, Nenshi expressed concern over Calgarians counting on Ottawa.

The sentiment that hints back to last year when Ottawa unexpectedly cancelled funding for four new recreation centres that the city had already invested $3.1 M into, CTV adds.

The social media savvy mayor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the visit.

From his love for Ottawa:

To his real thoughts on the infrastructure discussions:

The Calgary mayor announced last week that he planned to run for office again in 2013.

"I'm in and I'm in with everything I got," he said, "I'm in because I still love this city - if possible - even more than I did two years ago and I'm in because together we have the opportunity to build something even better."

One of the largest infrastructure project approvals while Nenshi has been in office is an airport tunnel, that will make the Calgary International Airport easily accessible by transit.

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