11/15/2012 09:49 EST | Updated 11/15/2012 11:58 EST

P.K. Subban Gives Boston Pizza Gig A Go On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (VIDEO)

NHL players have lost almost 20 per cent of their salaries for the season so far. And with no end to the lockout in sight, players are looking for alternative jobs.

The most popular option seems to be jetting off to Europe, but P.K. Subban is slinging it out in the food service industry instead.

The Montreal Canadiens defenceman can be seen serving pizzas with a hockey stick and spilling a pint for a Leafs fan while Boston Pizza owner and Dragon's Den dragon Jim Treliving assures us the kid just ain't cut out for the pizza business.

The George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight clip may have been just for laughs, but if Subban is after a side gig in television, he's on the right track. In October, he presented the weather for CTV Montreal looking dashing in a double-breasted jacket. He also hosted the season premiere of 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes,' bringing his trademark charm to the CBC satire show.

If you're looking to hire an out-of-work Canadien, Subban has his video resume available for prospective employers.

"I can start immediately," he says. "Seriously, I'm bored."

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