11/15/2012 19:21 EST | Updated 01/15/2013 05:12 EST

Search and rescue death blamed on poor planning

A WorkSafeBC report finds poor planning and inadequate equipment are to blame for the death of a search and rescue volunteer in 2011.

Sheilah Sweatman, 29, drowned in the Goat River while trying to recover the body of a woman believed to have drowned in her vehicle.

The report finds Sweatman got caught up in a steel cable and was dragged underwater.

“They talk about a failure to plan properly, a failure to have the right equipment — and the principle of search and rescue is that you have a way to self rescue,” said Sheila’s father Wynn Sweatman.

“If you become trapped in steel cables there is no way to self rescue.”

Sweatman says he doesn't blame anyone specifically for his daughter's death, but he wants all the facts to come out — and for search and rescue to be better funded.

An inquest into Sweatman’s death is scheduled to begin next week in Nelson.