11/16/2012 05:45 EST

Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Where Is Mid-November Taking Us?

Candice Does The World

We may have missed last week's installation of our best photos, but that only serves to inspire us a little more as we head deeper into November.

As India and other parts of the world celebrate Diwali, with its gorgeous colour and tempting sweets, others find themselves yearning for beaches to escape the always-too-early holiday season.

For Canadian travel bloggers, this month means so many options, whether it's floating above the Pyrenees in a hot air ballooon, or making sure to take in the stunning colours and landscape of northern Ontario. Even Serena Williams hit up Toronto's most famous landmark on her visit, and yes, panicked.

Check out where these bloggers have been — and feel free to let us know your own picks for this week's vacation in the comments below!

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