11/16/2012 02:41 EST | Updated 11/16/2012 02:44 EST

Drunk Fan Crashes Stage At Toronto Jazz Club, Won't Leave (VIDEO)

When Canadian crooner Vincent Wolfe covered Frank Sinatra's "Come Dance With Me" at a Toronto venue last month, he probably didn't expect it to be taken literally.

As posted to YouTube this week, Wolfe was performing the song with a conductor and big band behind him when an obviously intoxicated female approached him. Roughly 30 seconds into the clip -- and looking like something out of Christopher Guest film -- the woman appears from Wolfe's right and dances behind him. However, when she dips herself backwards, Wolfe has to catch her before she falls.

After the tune the lady gives Wolfe a hug but refuses to leave the stage, shouting "Bravo!" at the band.

"My darling we have to do the next song," Wolfe says as he's laughing at what's happening. Another woman from the audience gets up and tries to get the stage interloper to leave but the drunk woman sounds like she says she's with the band before shouting what appears to be "F--k you!"

The conductor, Bob Cary, then gets irritated, telling her they can't have people walking up on stage. The woman stays onstage, uttering another expletive towards the band.

"Don't swear at my band," Wolfe says. "Stop it. You have to be nice to our band."

Finally, Wolfe and the band decide to just keep playing as a male -- reportedly the club's manager -- comes onstage to confront the woman. Wolfe blesses himself and moments later Cary finally forces her off the stage.