11/19/2012 06:37 EST | Updated 05/27/2013 01:29 EDT

Banff Cougar Eats Elk In Front Of Camera For A Full 24 Hours (VIDEO)

Few Canadians need to be convinced of the wild nature and the value of the country's national parks but a video capturing a cougar's 24 hour eating frenzy will give watchers a new respect for just how wild Canada's wild spaces really are.

Whether by serendipity or simple good luck for Banff National Park staff studying the images, the video captures a cougar with a fresh kill in the form of an elk. The camera then captures the next 24 hours as the cougar methodically eats away at the massive animal.

The video captures the predator as the video rolls from night, into day and back to night again. The sun rises one more time in front of the camera as it captures several other animals move in and finish what the cougar couldn't.

"For this cougar with a freshly killed elk near the town of Banff, life is more focused," says Parks Canada.

"And when the 24-hour feed is over, a few of Banff National Park’s scavengers waste little time moving in.. Not much gets wasted - time or food - in the wild."

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