11/21/2012 07:12 EST | Updated 01/21/2013 05:12 EST

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Tumbles To Turf At Grey Cup Event (VIDEO)

Rob Ford, Toronto’s football-loving mayor, made an on-camera fumble at a press event on Tuesday that has gone viral on websites around the world.

Ford was hamming it up for the cameras at a media event to promote Sunday’s Grey Cup game, where the hometown Argos will take on the Calgary Stampeders.

With the news cameras rolling, Ford took a few snaps and tossed the ball around at an artificial surface set up in front of city hall.

While taking one snap, Ford lost his footing and tumbled to the turf after a failed attempt to pivot into the throwing position.

Ford's unforced error drew laughs from the crowd and members of the media. He was out of breath, but unhurt and laughed off his gaffe.

"I've got a lot of padding," the plus-sized mayor joked when asked about his fall.

Video footage of Ford’s fall has appeared on DeadSpin and other websites.

It isn’t the first time Ford has lost his footing at a media event.

He also nearly stumbled off a scale at a weigh-in held earlier this year when Ford was staging a public campaign to lose weight.

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