11/22/2012 13:10 EST | Updated 01/22/2013 05:12 EST

City unveils new executive committee

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum unveiled the city's executive committee Thursday morning at City Hall.

Two days ago, Union Montréal councillor Richard Deschamps said his party would not be part of Applebaum's administration.

"We won't participate in something which is a mirage," he said.

Despite his comments, Deschamps agreed to be on the executive committee and even smiled as he posed with Applebaum for a photo on Thursday.

Though Applebaum demanded that every members of the executive committee refrain from running for the mayor's spot in next year's election, Deschamps said this may not affect his possible candidacy.

"I think the situation is going to evolve probably in ways that we can't see right now," said Deschamps.

Two other members of Union Montréal have seats on the committee, along with three Vision Montréal councillors, two Projet Montréal councillors and three independents.

Vision Montréal leader Louise Harel said she was happy with the decision to involve members of her party on the executive committee.

"We have very competent people in our team and it's certainly the reason why Michael Applebaum asked them to be members of his executive committee," said Harel.

"The composition of the executive committee demonstrates that we have a real coalition in place that will allow us to manage the city in a non-partisan manner, and in the best interest of Montrealers," Applebaum said.

Union Montréal's request for 5 seats is turned down

Applebaum quit his party, Union Montréal, earlier in November, in order to run for interim mayor as an independent.

He pledged to create a more transparent city council and an administration that would not get involved in partisan bickering.

Following Appelbaum's election, Union Montréal sent the mayor's office a list of demands for the new administration. The list included five seats on the executive committee, including the position of chairman.

Applebaum refused the request.

On Tuesday, Union Montréal councillor Richard Deschamps said Applebaum's response was "unacceptable" and hinted that his party would not participate in the new administration.

Despite this week's controversy, Applebaum was optimistic about the new committee.

"The first 100 days of the renewal of Montreal begin today," he said.

Composition of the Executive Committee

Chairman of the Executive Committee

- Laurent Blanchard, Independent city councillor for Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (elected with Vision Montréal) Head of infrastructure, buildings and real estate transactions, information technology and corporate communications

Executive Committee Members

- Benoit Dorais, Vision Montréal councillor and mayor of the Southwest borough Vice-chair of the executive committee, head of major projects, housing and social housing

- Émilie Thuiller, Projet Montréal councillor for Ahuntsic-Cartierville Vice-chair of the executive committee, head of social and community development, family and seniors, and responsible for the status of women and youth

- Richard Deschamps, Union Montréal councillor for Ville-Marie (former member of the executive) Responsible for sports and recreation

- Mary Deros, Union Montréal councillor for Ahuntsic-Cartierville (former member of the executive) Responsible for cultural communities

- Michel Bissonnet, Union Montréal councillor and mayor of Saint-Léonard (former member of the executive) Responsible for government relations, the 375th anniversary of Montreal and living spaces

- Réal Ménard, Vision Montréal councillor and mayor of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Responsible for transportation

- Élaine Ayotte, Vision Montréal councillor for Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Responsible for culture, heritage and design

- Josée Duplessis, Projet Montréal councillor for Plateau-Mont-Royal Responsible for sustainable development of the environment, parks and green spaces

- Alain Tassé, Independent councillor for Verdun Responsible for economic and urban development

- Christian Dubois, Independent councillor for Pierrefonds-Roxboro Repsonsible for public security and public services to citizens