11/23/2012 09:06 EST | Updated 01/23/2013 05:12 EST

AMT says improved West Island service still a priority

The Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT) says it's looking to acquire more reserved bus lanes and improve existing train service in the West Island.

At a public consultation meeting Thursday night, AMT president Nicolas Girard said he is expecting a feasibility study by December on the projected extension of the westbound Hudson-Vaudreuil line. The project is called the Train de l'Ouest.

"All the partners are around the table to make the best decisions for the citizens of the West Island," said Girard.

The Train de l'Ouest coalition is a group of citizens and elected officials pushing for more West Island commuter trains. Avrom Shtern, a member of the coalition, said he wants to make sure the AMT gets the work done quickly.

"It isn't only people living east of Decarie that are important, but also the people living west of Decarie, all the way to Vaudreuil, and even beyond," says Shtern.

The AMT said it is also looking into making public transit simpler for commuters.

It also plans to add 250 kilometres of reserved bus lanes by 2020.