11/23/2012 15:23 EST | Updated 01/23/2013 05:12 EST

Opposition parties call for whistleblower protection

Opposition parties at Quebec's National Assembly are calling for the introduction of whistleblower protection legislation.

An all-party committee is currently looking over the Parti Québécois' Bill 1 — anti-corruption legislation that tightens the rules around the tendering of public contracts, such as road construction.

According to the provincial Liberal party and Coalition Avenir Québec, the bill does not do enough to shield civil servants who denounce collusion or corruption.

Liberal MNA, Guy Ouellette said whistleblower protection could easily be added to the law.

The former head of Quebec's anti-collusion unit and CAQ Justice Critic, Jacques Duchesneau, said the PQ's anti-corruption bill won't work unless whistleblowers feel safe coming forward.

"I keep receiving emails about people who are ready to step forward and explain things, but they're scared," he said.

The PQ government house leader, Stéphane Bédard, said the province does plan to table separate whistleblower legislation, but probably not until spring.

Bédard said he wants to take things step by step in the fight against corruption.

He invites any and all public employees who witness wrongdoing to come forward.