11/26/2012 12:04 EST

Causes Of Cancer: What Lifestyle Changes Can You Make To Keep Cancer Away? (INFOGRAPHIC)


Cancer is the biggest killer in Canada — and it's also one of the most misunderstood diseases in the world.

Despite years and countless billions spent on research, the disease has yet to be cured. But in terms of understanding its underlying causes and the ways in which we can remain healthy, society has come a long way.

In a new infographic from Rock Your Cause called "The Good News About Cancer," there's a shocking statistic: Nine out of 10 cancers are related to environmental and lifestyle factors.

Now, does that mean if we stay away from all the things noted that we're automatically going to be cancer-free? Of course not — genetics play a role in determining whether or not people get cancer, and to be fair, keeping away from these elements entirely is not only impossible, but also limiting as well.

The Canadian Cancer Society has made its position clear in certain cases, such as tanning beds, about which they state:

To reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, do not use artificial tanning equipment such as tanning beds or sun lamps.

Similarly, they recommend drinking less alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet, and to never, ever smoke.

SEE: Rock Your Cause's incredibly informative infographic. Will you try to take on any of these steps to prevent cancer?

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