11/26/2012 04:21 EST | Updated 01/23/2013 04:03 EST

Rob Ford Craigslist Posts List Mayor And His Supplies For Sale

Satirical Craigslist posts putting Rob Ford and his office supplies up for sale are generating lots of laughs online.

One post listing "one slightly used Ford for sale" began going viral on social networks soon after the court ruling ordering the removal of Toronto's mayor from office became public. The post has already been removed, but you can read the content below.

One slightly used Ford for sale.

White with red trim.

Purchased for the demolition of the City of Toronto.

Low mileage.

Ideal for hauling football equipment or towing your gravy train.

Note: Air conditioning is broken, only blows hot air.

Another post putting Ford's office supplies up for sale, including the scale used during his very public diet and his gravy boat, has been getting lots of web attention as well. The post also pokes fun at Ford's push to build more subway lines and the mayor's failure to read the city council rules regarding conflicts of interest.

While the posts assume Ford is already finished, the mayor isn't out of options yet. When he appeals the ruling he could get a stay on his removal from office, allowing him to remain mayor until the appeal is heard.

Ford is also free to run for mayor again in the future and, depending on your reading of the ruling, may actually be eligible to run in a byelection to replace himself. That is if Toronto's City Council chooses to call for a vote rather than appointing an interim mayor until the next scheduled election.

Read what Twitter users are saying about Ford below.