11/26/2012 11:43 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:55 EDT

Rob Ford Style Evolution: A Look Back At The Toronto Mayor's Career In Outfits (PHOTOS)


Being the mayor of a city is never easy: you're expected to straddled the wishes of your constituents with the needs of Council. But it's also a challenge to meet sartorially.

Over the course of a mayoralty, one has to wear several outfits or "put on several faces" for public events. There are ground-breaking ceremonies, professional dinners, festivals -- all of which require different attire.

While many a mayor has successfully straddled this fine sartorial line, the same might not be said for Rob Ford.

During his tenure as mayor, Ford has come under scrutiny by some for just about everything -- including his outfits (for example, spending too much time in a football jacket and not enough time in a suit). Still, he did look polished, prepared and perfectly appropriate in various situations (even, say, dancing in 'The Nutcracker').

Here is a look back at Rob Ford's career as Toronto Mayor in outfits.

Rob Ford's Evolution: A Look Back At The Toronto Mayor's Career (PHOTOS)

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