11/27/2012 07:23 EST

Naheed Nenshi Honours Grey Cup Wager With Rob Ford


Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi made good on his Grey Cup wager with Toronto mayor Rob Ford on Tuesday and wondered if doing so was making him dumb.

Tuesday was a sad day for both mayors but for very different reasons, as Ford found himself out of a job and and Nenshi found himself in an Argos jersey.

The day after a court stripped Ford of his job as mayor of the city of Toronto, Nenshi entered Calgary council chambers in an Argonauts jersey, all as a result of a wager he made with the beleaguered Toronto mayor over their respective team's fortunes in the Grey Cup.

The two mayors agreed that whoever won would donate their weight in food to the other city's food bank and wear the opposing team jersey.

Nenshi made good in the promise and the accolades flew.


Nenshi's Wager

Although some wondered if Nenshi would still honour the bet, considering his Toronto counterpart's legal troubles, the Calgary mayor simply said, "a bet is a bet," even if he quipped, "the shirt is making me dumb."

Alberta Premier Alison Redford also lost a little bet and will donate 100 articles of clothing to an Ontario charity, CTV Calgary reported.

The Calgary Zoo also followed through on a Grey Cup bet made with the Toronto Zoo. Clément Lanthier, President and CEO of the Calgary Zoo, wore an Argos jersey and cleaned the penguin enclosure.

We at the Huffington Post also got a little carried away with Grey Cup fever, with us in the Alberta bureau making a friendly bet with our Toronto counterparts. Obviously, we lost.

The Argos beat the Stamps 35-22 in Sunday's 100th Grey Cup game.

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