11/30/2012 08:31 EST

Real Wedding: Quirky DIY Nuptials Inspired By The Legend Of Zelda

This Sweet Love Photography

Meet Linda, a Winnipeg, MB, bride who designed her wedding around the 1980s video game The Legend of Zelda. When their first daughter was born, Linda gave her fiance, Jeremy, a choice: they could name the girl Zelda, or else have a Legend of Zelda-themed wedding. Well, folks, he chose the wedding! And the result is a quirky, handmade celebration, complete with subtle nods to the bride's beloved Nintendo game: Triforce cookie favors, pink bridesmaids dresses that reflect the pink in Princess Zelda's gown and, our favorite touch, a DIY cake-topper featuring Zelda and Link. Scroll down to see the images captured by This Sweet Love Photography and to read more from this Zelda-loving bride.

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From the Bride... "I had two years to plan and the plan was to make whatever I possibly could. I started gathering mason jars, old books and teapots and you can't have teapots without doilies. The more I gathered the more inspired I got. I wanted to make my wedding as personal as possible using scrabble tiles (our favourite game), embroidery hoops (my favourite pass time), burlap and fun nicknacks from around the house. I got to know all of Winnipeg's second hand shops really well. I wanted to buy new decor but my rule was nothing can be 'new.' I also wanted to do something really creative for seating charts so I found old frames and wallpaper and vintage craft paper I had bought at garage sales to make pictures for hanging in the entrance. I was looking to add in a lot of personal touches. We glued together our cake toppers which were action figures (Link and Zelda of course) we found at comic book shops, framing pictures of my parents and our grandparents in second hand frames that I sanded and spray painted. And as a party favour we gave an imperial cookie that had a pink Triforce on it, another Zelda touch. Iv'e read a lot of people say that your so busy on the wedding day that you don't get to enjoy all the details you put into decor, but I don't agree. I noticed them all and enjoyed them all. It was worth all the time and effort I put in to look around the room and know that the day was exactly as I pictured it to be."

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