11/29/2012 07:30 EST | Updated 01/29/2013 05:12 EST

Scarborough school kids accomplish massive clothing drive

Students at a Scarborough elementary school have collected more than 1,100 pounds of used clothing for donation.

The amount of clothing that students at George Peck Public School collected in just one month has exceeded their expectations.

It began with a goal of matching the weight of one teacher.

“I thought a meager goal, such as my weight, would be a good way to start off and I knew it would escalate from there,” said teacher Andreas Koch.

They surpassed their goal of matching Koch's weight of 152 pounds. In fact, the clothing drive has since grown even bigger, expanding to seven other Scarborough schools.

The collected clothes will be donated to New Circles, a community agency which provides clothing to residents in Thorncliffe Park and Flemington Park.

Student Kahil Ahmed said he’s pleased by the accomplishment.

“It makes me feel good because, around the holidays, people tend to get greedy and so it’s good to give back and our school did a good job of doing that,” Kahil said.

“We have baby clothes, like zero to six months, we have kids my ages, we have little kids, we have adults and even elders, we have [clothing] for all ages,” said student Zoe Dimoff.

Having clothes for all those different age groups will be much appreciated, the manager of New Circles said, because used clothes for kids are typically quite worn.

“By the time we get a lot of kids clothing it’s not exactly gently used anymore, so we have a really hard time keeping in stock clothing for kids age five to 15 so this is going to be super helpful for the winter season,” said Nita Saini, volunteer manager for New Circles.