11/30/2012 08:58 EST | Updated 01/30/2013 05:12 EST

Angry Saskatoon bus driver captured on video

Warning: Language in video may be offensive to some viewers

A Saskatoon bus driver caught on video repeatedly swearing at a pedestrian who was standing in front of his bus is now in trouble with the city.

The driver has been suspended following the Thursday morning incident at the University of Saskatchewan campus that quickly made it to YouTube.

One of the YouTube videos shows a city bus driver swearing at a man standing in front of his vehicle who refuses to move away. The driver then asks for bystanders to intervene.

"Does somebody want to drag this f----r away from my bus?" the driver asks.

Three people do in fact step forward, one of them putting his hands on the man and pushing him away from the bus.

"Call 911," someone says.

A second video shows what happens immediately after the bus drives away. One of the bystanders pushes the man, who slips on the ice and falls to the road.

A spokesperson with the city told CBC News the bus driver has been suspended with pay while the incident is being investigated.

The videos and comments about the incident are making the rounds on Twitter, with some people supporting "team bus driver" and others "team pedestrian".

What prompted the pedestrian's protest wasn't shown on the videos, although commenters referred to an incident a few moments earlier where the bus driver honked at a pedestrian who crossed in front of his bus.

An aerial view of the incident also showed what happened to the man after the bus drove away.