11/30/2012 03:20 EST | Updated 11/30/2012 03:21 EST

Johnny Cash's 'I've Been Everywhere' Mapped Out By Iain Mullan

After four or five bourbons at the karaoke saloon you may have been brave enough to try to stumble through Johnny Cash's iconic road song "I've been everywhere" You undoubtedly failed somewhere between Wichita and Omaha.

London-based software developer and music lover Iain Mullan plays around with the classic country song and came up with this great mash-up at the 2012 Music Hack Day in London.

The hack drops pins on every town, hamlet and city that Cash and the truck driver mentions in the song.

Needless to say, they do get around. So turn the volume up and click on the picture below to see the map in action.

johnny cash map