11/30/2012 06:25 EST | Updated 11/30/2012 06:33 EST

Saskatoon Man Stands In Front Of Bus, Refuses To Move After Being Honked At (NSFW) VIDEO

A video capturing a heated and profane exchange between a Saskatchewan bus driver and a pedestrian who decided to stand in front of the bus after being honked at outside the University of Saskatchewan, has resulted in the the suspension of the Saskatoon transit employee.

The video, which starts after the bus driver apparently honked at a man who allegedly j-walked in front of the bus, captures an profanity-laced shouting match. It has garnered more than 16,000 views in less than a day, and some strong opinions from viewers.

The description in the video, which was posted on YouTube by imbetterthanu2, says, "This guy, who apparently didn't like the fact he was honked at, proceeded to stand in front of the bus Tiananmen Square style."

The pedestrian refuses to move, as the driver yells, "What are you stupid, you don't know where the cross-walks are? They're on the corner, like every other F****** place in the world."

But despite all the ranting, the pedestrian refuses to move prompting the driver to canvass help from by-standers.

"Does somebody want to drag this F***** away from the front of my bus," the driver says.

Three men move in and eventually one drags the pedestrian from the front of the bus, allowing the bus to drive off.


Bad Choices

Many viewers online say the driver likely saved the pedestrian's life.

"Clearly the bus driver is upset that he could have hit and possibly killed the pedestrian," said darlyn12345.

"I'm assuming the pedestrian is feeling wronged because of the manner in which the bus driver spoke to him (does he realize he could be a splatter on the road?). My thoughts are that bus driver most likely saved that guys life, teaching him a lesson that his mother should have taught him as a small child."

Bertsblurts added, "It is possible the bus driver saved this fool's life by honking at him in the first place.

"He is 'J' walking past the front of a bus where other buses are passing on the left. He should thank this driver, instead he stands in front of the bus? Why? I'd say it's because he is a complete idiot!"

And for many, the situation was just bad all around.

"Both in the wrong. Pedestrian created the situation. Reaction made it worse," commented zapblam.

"F bomb should never be heard from a tax paid professional. And asking bystanders to assault?"

But it's clear how Saskatoon transit feels about the whole thing.

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix reports the driver has now been suspended pending an investigation.

“The incident itself is very unfortunate,” Saskatoon Transit manager Bob Howe told the StarPhoenix.

“We will be looking into it. It isn’t something we look at very favourably.”