11/30/2012 17:40 EST | Updated 01/30/2013 05:12 EST

Vaughan, Carroll hint at challenging Rob Ford

Two Toronto councillors said Friday they're considering running against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in a prospective byelection that could be called if his seat is vacated.

Coun. Shelley Carroll says she would "absolutely" consider running against Ford.

Carroll told reporters Friday that she thinks the need for the byelection is now "urgent" after a chaotic council session Thursday night in which Ford started yelling at Coun. Adam Vaughan and accused him of orchestrating a "shakedown" of a developer.

Carroll said that she thought council should continue its business and "advocate for Torontonians" in the wake of an Ontario judge's decision to order Ford from office for violating conflict of interest rules. But she doesn't think that is now possible after the tense council session on Thursday.

“I think I could run this city a damn sight better than the current mayor and abide by the law doing it.”

Carroll said that some “serious discussions” would be taking place this coming weekend among those who oppose Rob Ford.

The Don Valley East councillor also called out Ford for his behavior at Thursday night’s council meeting and his shouting match with coun. Adam Vaughan.

Vaughan said Friday that he agreed there should be a byelection.

“We’re at a position now as a city where we’re going to be able to make a choice about strong, mature leadership that has a vision for the future of this city or we’re going to have a football coach as our mayor again.”

Vaughan also hinted at the possibility that he would also run for mayor in a byelection.

“I’m serious about making this city a better place to live and if I have to do that as a mayoral candidate then that’s an option I have to consider,” he said.