Holiday Drunk Driving Offences On The Rise

The number of people charged with drinking and driving offences during the holidays in 2011 more than doubled from the previous year.

Toronto police are teaming up with members of parliament and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to officially launch their Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) campaign Saturday night.

However, It seems the message behind RIDE is not getting through to many drivers.

In 2010, Toronto police charged 60 people with drunk driving offences during the holidays, but in 2011 that number had more than doubled to 123.

Toronto police also impounded more than 200 vehicles during last year's 37-day holiday campaign.

This year's launch will be highlighted by the first spot-check of the holiday season and what police are calling an elaborate display featuring a mock collision in order to reinforce the message of how devastating impaired driving can be.

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