12/02/2012 02:31 EST | Updated 12/02/2012 04:45 EST

Dolphin Bites Jillian Thomas At SeaWorld (VIDEO)

A feeding at SeaWorld Orlando got a bit out of hand when a dolphin bit a little girl, a YouTube video shows.

The girl, identified as eight-year-old Jillian Thomas from Georgia, can be seen tossing fish from a container to the dolphins. When she empties the container and lifts it up, a dolphin leaps from the pool and snatches it, biting the girl's hand in the process. Her father captured the Nov. 21 episode on camera.

The video's description reads: "We wanted to share this video so others can make an informed decision about whether or not the risks to yourself or your child are worth the experience."

The bite reportedly caused three puncture wounds and swelling in her hand. Jillian was also depressed for a few days afterwards, fearing for the dolphin's health, according to

SeaWorld patrons are instructed not to move the containers of fish, in addition to other rules.

Although Jillian received first-aid treatment, her family says SeaWorld didn't take the matter seriously enough.

"We had to ask for Band-Aids and [the employee] kind of thought it was cute that we wanted Band-Aids on something that they thought wasn't a big deal," said Amy Thomas, the girl's mother.

A SeaWorld representative responded to the incident with the following statement:

"Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees and animals. Educators and animal care staff are always on-site at this area, monitoring all interactions and are committed to guest safety.

Educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when this happened and immediately connected with the family. In addition, a member of our health services team was in the area at Dolphin Cove and quickly responded and treated the young girl.

The video had not been previously shared with us and we have not had a chance to assess it, but certainly take the situation seriously."

Parents, would you let your kids feed animals at a theme park or zoo after watching this video?

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