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Calgary Man Finds His Lost Mailed Albums On EBay

A Calgary record collector who spent months pursuing Canada Post for a lost parcel containing 40 records from a French band says he found them himself – on eBay.

Al Cohen, whose family owns a record store in the Inglewood neighbourhood, said the experience left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I don't know what's going on. Something's going wrong,” he said. “Do I have to be an investigator for them?”

The ordeal began when Cohen ordered 40 copies of a record from the obscure reggae group Stand High Patrol. The band said it was the only order outside Europe that it had ever received.

The box never arrived, so Cohen said he called Canada Post repeatedly.

“For months and months this kind of went on,” he said.

Then Cohen received a letter from Canada Post stating the box had been found in a warehouse in Ontario for "undeliverables," even though it had his address on it. But the box was empty.

Cohen found all 40 records on eBay.

Cohen contacted the Ontario sellers and was told they had bought the records at an auction through the company that buys all of Canada Post's undeliverable items.

A spokesperson for Canada Post says it's not known why the box wasn't delivered or how the records left the box. But since the records were sent from France, this is the responsibility of that country's post office, the spokesperson said.

However, the band did send him a replacement shipment.

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