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Hottest Canadian Millennials: Generation Y's Talented Guys And Gals Are Easy On The Eyes (PHOTOS)

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, we have some advice for you: watch your back.

We don't mean that in a malicious way, of course. But it is a warning to let you know there's a whole new breed of hot young Canadian millennials who have their eyes on your "sexiest people alive" crowns.

From Justin Bieber to Carly Rae Jepsen, this country's Generation Y is brimming with incredibly good-looking talent.

And in honour of The Huffington Post Canada's recently launched Asking Y series — where we take an in-depth look at what makes the Millennial Generation tick — we thought it was high time to applaud our sexy born-after-1980 set.

Check out our top picks for Canada's hottest millennials.

Hottest Canadian Millennials: Generation Ys Best Looking Guys And Gals

— Abacus Data has focused research on the Canadian Millennial. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber

Birthday: March 1, 1994

Born: Stratford, Ontario

Carly Rae Jepsen

Birthday: November 21, 1985

Born: Mission, British Columbia

Drake (Aubrey Graham)

Birthday: October 24, 1986

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Elisha Cuthbert

Birthday: November 30, 1982

Born: Calgary, Alberta

Coco Rocha

Birthday: September 10, 1988

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Sidney Crosby

Birthday: August 7, 1987

Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Kristin Kreuk

Birthday: December 30, 1982

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia

Ellen Page

Birthday: February 21, 1987

Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Anna Paquin

Birthday: July 24, 1982

Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Emily VanCamp

Birthday: May 12, 1986

Born: Port Perry, Ontario

Avril Lavigne

Birthday: September 27, 1984

Born: Belleville, Ontario

Amanda Walsh

Birthday: October 3, 1981

Born: Rigaud, Quebec

Meghan Heffern

Birthday: October 3, 1983

Born: Edmonton, Alberta

Cobie Smulders

Birthday: April 3, 1982

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia

Dominika Kopcik

Birthday: October 27, 1988

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Gabe Bergen

Birthday: July 6, 1982

Born: Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Perdita Felicien

Birthday: August 29, 1980

Born: Pickering, Ontario

Mary Spencer

Birthday: December 12, 1984

Born: Wiarton, Ontario

Siddhartha Bhat

Birthday: July 16, 1990

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Alexandre Despatie

Birthday: June 8, 1985

Born: Laval, Quebec

Jay Baruchel

Birthday: April 9, 1982

Born: Ottawa, Ontario

Seth Rogen

Birthday: April 15, 1982

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia

Justin Bradley

Birthday: September 8, 1985

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Michael Cera

Birthday: June 7, 1988

Born: Brampton, Ontario

Carl Heinrich

Age: 26

Born: Sooke, British Columbia

Nina Dobrev

Birthday: January 9, 1989

Born: Bulgaria (her family immigrated to Canada in 1991)

Shenae Grimes

Birthday: October 24, 1989

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Daria Werbowy

Birthday: November 19, 1983

Born: Kraków, Poland (her family moved to Mississauga, Ontario when she was three)

Jessica Stam

Birthday: April 23, 1986

Born: Kincardine, Ontario

Hayden Christensen

Birthday: April 19, 1981

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia

Cory Monteith

Birthday: May 11, 1982

Born: Calgary, Alberta

Dan Levy

Birthday: 1983

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Jessi Cruickshank

Birthday: July 17, 1982

Born: Calgary, Alberta

Rob Rossi

Age: 27

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Alison Pill

Birthday: November 27, 1985

Born: Toronto, Ontario

Meghan Collison

Birthday: February 2, 1988

Born: Edmonton, Alberta

Munro Chambers

Birthday: July 29, 1990

Born: Ajax, Ontario

Ehrinn Cummings

Birthday: March 14, 1981

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Vanessa Lengies

Birthday: July 21, 1985

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Patrick Chan

Birthday: December 31, 1990

Born: Ottawa, Ontario

Kreesha Turner

Birthday: June 10, 1985

Born: Edmonton, Alberta

Coeur de Pirate (AKA: Béatrice Martin)

Birthday: September 22, 1989

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Missy Peregrym

Birthday: June 16, 1982

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Jahmil French

Birthday: July 29 ,1981

Born: Toronto, Ontario

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