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Street Compliments: A Very Public Display Of True Affection (VIDEO)

Sometimes, complimenting someone can be a little uncomfortable — but rarely is it as awkward as it probably felt for the people in this video.

They were the lucky victims of online publication SoulPancake's pop-up project called "Street Compliments," which involves the "complimenter" standing in a soundbooth, and the "complimentee" squirming in embarrassment between giant set of yellow headphones set up on a street corner.

It's actually kind of awesome, since it forces people to tell each other what they really love about each other. And it gets very touching — we're not talking "OMG, I love your new shoes" kind of compliments here. Our favourite? When a teenager actually tells her dad she doesn't hate him.

Watch this, and then turn to the person next to you and say something nice about them. We dare you!

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