12/04/2012 05:10 EST | Updated 02/03/2013 05:12 EST

9 new provincial judges appointed in B.C.

The B.C. government has announced the appointment of nine new Provincial Court judges.

Five of the new appointments are for courthouses in the Lower Mainland, while one goes to the Kamloops–Okanagan region and the other to the Northeast District.

Samiran Lakshman with the Crown Counsel Association says the move is excellent news but only addresses one part of the problem.

"We need to stop this one-off approach or piece meal approach to funding different stakeholders or operators in the justice system because it is a system," he said.

"You wouldn't go to a mill and say we're going to fund one part of the mill and not the other and think that your end product is going to make any sense."

Lakshman says there are still major shortages of court staff, sheriffs and Crown counsel that need to be addressed.