12/04/2012 10:23 EST | Updated 02/03/2013 05:12 EST

Breast Cancer Patient Fights For Vacation Refund

A B.C. woman who had to cancel her vacation when she was diagnosed with breast cancer is feeling some relief after Sun Wing Vacations relented and gave her full credit for a holiday she was too ill to take.

Diana Constanzino was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago and had been trying to cancel a vacation to Cuba that she booked in October.

"It's serious and I started chemotherapy last Wednesday, so they really took it seriously,” Constanzino said. “I asked the doctor if I could go on vacation and he laughed. ‘No’”

Constanzino and her husband had booked their holiday with vacation provider Sunwing for other holidays and had purchased cancellation insurance before, but never needed it. So this time, they didn't bother.

When Constanzino received her diagnosis, they cancelled the trip and asked Sun Wing for a credit for the more than $2,000 spent on the holiday.

"When I got the response that they would only give me a $186 credit per person for a $1,050 vacation. it just didn't seem good enough," she said.

CBC News and Flight Centre — the travel agency she booked with — both contacted Sun Wing on Constanzino's behalf.

Later on Tuesday, Sun Wing offered a full credit voucher, valid for one year, for compassionate reasons.