12/05/2012 11:12 EST | Updated 12/05/2012 12:33 EST

New Zealand SPCA Dogs Learn How To Drive Cars (VIDEO)

New Zealand's SPCA has reportedly trained three dogs to drive cars.

Over the last few weeks, trainers in Auckland, New Zealand have been teaching Monty, Ginny and Porter to steer, change gears and brake, reported the Daily Telegraph.

The dogs won't be driving cabs or hitting the NASCAR circuit anytime soon, though, the SPCA says the dogs are being trained to raise the profile of shelter dogs, the CBC reports.

"Our dream would be throughout our major cities and across Australasia will be people will be proud of owning a rescue dog," Auckland SPCA CEO Christine Kalin told Ninemsn.

They've been trained using a rig that looks a lot like a motorized wheelchair before graduating to a modified Cooper Mini. They'll be demonstrating their driving skills on national TV next week.

Check out photos and videos of the dogs in action:

Dogs Driving Cars

You can also get more photos and videos on the Driving Dogs Facebook page.