12/05/2012 02:47 EST | Updated 02/04/2013 05:12 EST

N.S. lobster fishermen ask for temporary suspension of season to raise price

YARMOUTH, N.S. - Lobster fishermen in southwestern Nova Scotia are being urged to shut down the fishery in an effort to get a better price.

The 1688 Professional Lobster Fishermen's Association made the pitch to about 70 people gathered at a Yarmouth wharf today.

Spokesman James Mood told fishermen they need to haul up gear and stop fishing, saying he will use the time to negotiate a better price from dealers.

While many fishermen are hauling in big catches, they say the price of $3 a pound is making it difficult to break even.

Several fishermen's wives, who support the call for a shut down of the fishery, were on the wharf and say there are too many lobsters and nowhere to put them.

Some lobster buyers asked the Fisheries Department for a 72-hour closure to stem the huge flow of lobster being landed in the area, but the request was denied.