12/05/2012 02:36 EST | Updated 12/05/2012 02:37 EST

Pe Cimpoi By Sandu Corba: Is This The New 'Gangnam Style?'

No one does excruciatingly awful / terribly wonderful pop quite like the Europeans. Their gift is particularly well showcased in the video below -- which we're predicting will dethrone "Gangnam style" as the dance craze of the moment.

It's a bold claim, but we think this gem of Romanian musical prowess has got all the makings of a hit. There's the melodic hook, sung at crystal-shattering pitch by three girls in impossibly tight dresses. The dance moves keep coming -- from the "butt dip", to the folk-style circle dancing, and the "lasso" favoured by the singing man (who is refreshingly ill-groomed. Bet Psy couldn't rock that greasy pony-tail.) We have no idea what the lyrics actually mean, but if they call for a cameo by an elderly gent, they must be good.

We have no doubt you'll be seeing this song everywhere soon -- from lip-dubs to flash-mob proposals. Here's your mega-hit of 2013, folks -- "Pe Cimpoi" by Sandu Corba.

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