12/06/2012 17:19 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 00:12 EST

BirdBuggy: Parrot Owner Creates Bird-Operated Vehicle, Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Parrots are known for their incredible intelligence, curiosity and ability to pick up languages. They're also know for using those smarts for being little buggers when they want to.

And now one enterprising pet owner is, for better or for worse, helping them apply those bird brains to driving.

YouTube user viron11111 has created the BirdBuggy, which puts his feathered pal in the driver's perch. The buggy in controlled via a beak-operated joystick, allowing the bird to drive around all on its own.

It's also more than just a fancy remote controlled car for parrots. The buggy has neat features like automated docking, infrared sensors to stop the buggy from running into objects and a newspaper tray for convenient poop clean-up on the go.

We're no parrot behaviour experts, but it looks like the African grey parrot in the video is having a good time with his new toy. Next step? World domination.