12/06/2012 04:51 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:53 EDT

Hanukkah Gifts For A Host Or Hostess


Headed to a Hanukkah dinner this weekend? You're not alone. Starting Saturday, Dec. 8 and ending Sunday, Dec. 16, millions of people will be gathering in homes across North America to celebrate the Festival of Lights. The eight-day event is a celebration of family, friends, food and several Jewish traditions.

And while gifts aren't a customary part of the festival, thanking your Hanukkah dinner host or hostess for their grand gesture (aka: throwing you a party) is. If you're at a loss for what to bring your party thrower, here are five ideas from shopping expert Wileen Hernandez.

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Dreidel And Gelt. This isn’t just for the kids to play. Children and adults can play games with a dreidel and a bag of chocolate gelt (candy coins) will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Wine. Bringing wine to a party is a great idea. Now, if you are attending a kosher Hanukkah party, make sure to bring a bottle of kosher wine (just in case).

Hanukkah-Themed Flowers. Share the joy of Hanukkah by bringing the host an arrangement of blue and white flowers. Flower arrangements are nice, no matter what the holiday is.

Comestibles. If you are feeling adventurous, you should try making tasty potato pancakes called latkes. You can also make or bring matzo ball soup. Also consider bringing cookies decorated with white or blue sprinkles.

Unusual Gifts. Are you ready to think outside the box? has Hanukkah golf balls, Hanukkah CDs, books by Jewish authors, books for kids and many a hamsa jewellery piece. You can also check out

And there you have it, chag sameach and happy savings!