12/06/2012 12:20 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:53 EDT

Jessica Biel Side Boob: Star's Outfit Leaves Little To The Imagination At 'Playing For Keeps' Premiere

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We have a girl crush on Jessica Biel — both socially and sartorially. We'd like her to be our bestie. So when we saw our future gal pal looking subpar at Wednesday's premiere of her new movie 'Playing For Keeps,' we realized we had to say something (friends don't let friends dress badly).

So we're here to say: "Jessica, what were you thinking? You look elegant in pretty much everything you wear. Your wardrobe creates trends (just look at how many people covet pink wedding gowns now thanks to you). Did you need to reveal a) this much skin in b) a badly misshapen gown? We think not, BFF. We think not."

The outfit in question, quite simply, has us confused. Alone, the flowing material, the blueish grey hue and the rough-around-the-edges golden belt are stunning. When paired together the result is a confusing look. Especially because a deep V slash calls our eyes to Biel's flat abs and spaghetti straps paired with a one-shoulder swath of fabric makes it impossible to ignore her side boob.

We think Biel can do better. What say you?

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