12/06/2012 07:34 EST

Kamloops Bus Driver Suspended For 'Kidnapping' (VIDEO)

A Kamloops bus driver has been accused of "kidnapping" passengers after a YouTube video showed passenger locked inside a public transit bus.

The one-minute video titled "Kamloops BC Transit Driver Kidnaps Passengers" was filmed by YouTube user TrueLiesCanada. The clip shows the user and another woman being held inside the bus allegedly against their will.

"You're the worst bus driver," says the unidentified woman. "All I wanted to do was get off at my stop."

According to the video's caption, passengers tried to leave the bus, but the front and back doors were locked.

"OMG Let me out," wrote TrueLiesCanada of what was going through his mind at the time. "I am taken for a ride, locked in, driver is taking photos, WHAT is wrong with this guy, is this real?"

"I would say this incident is highly unusual," BC Transit spokeswoman Maribeth Burton told Kamloops This Week.

The unidentified driver was suspended with pay as an internal investigation begins this week, reported CTV News. He's being probed for not following disembarking protocols.

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