12/06/2012 02:46 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 05:12 EST

Montreal food banks struggle with rising costs

Food banks are concerned about how they will be able to feed their clients in the coming year after a report has forecast that food prices are going to increase.

A report released by the University of Guelph says that Canadians will be paying hundreds of dollars more for their food by 2013. It projects that food prices will increase by an average of one and a half to three per cent next year.

Representatives for Montreal's Sun Youth mission said that higher prices will mean more people using their services.

Tommy Kulczyk, emergency services director, said over the past year, the organization has seen 142,000 Montrealers every month.

He said that so far this year, 400 more families are using Sun Youth's food bank services, compared with 2011.

The higher prices will also be a problem for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. General director Lucie Alègre said her organization will struggle to cover the costs of food.

The rising cost of meat is another cause for concern. Moisson Montreal spokesperson Sandra O'Connor said she is worried that people might not be getting the proper amount of protein. She reminds Montrealers to turn to other, less expensive sources of protein.

Prices for wheat-based items such as bread and pasta will go up by about four per cent, while consumers are expected to be paying another six per cent for meat.