12/06/2012 12:17 EST | Updated 12/06/2012 12:17 EST

'The Walking Dead': How Many Zombies Have Been Killed? National Post Graphic Breaks It Down


Just how many zombies have been killed on AMC's "The Walking Dead"? Lots, if this National Post graphic is any indication. (Warning, it has a few little spoilers.)

Illustrators Richard Johnson and Andrew Barr tabulated every zombie kill on the show and came up with this very complete infographic.

A few things we learned from their research: Rick, the show's hero, is the chief zombie killer with 84 zombies to his credit. Also, killing a walker with a sword will make you look cool, but stick to handguns, it's more efficient.

If you want to see this season's zombie deaths in one place, Vulture has compiled them in one convenient video. Probably best not to watch this during lunch.

Also, if you can't wait until the show returns in February, here's a sneak-peek from AMC.

Check it out below:

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