12/10/2012 03:08 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Nail Art Designs: Easy To Create Nail Art In Just 3 Steps

The Huffington Post Canada

Although intricate nail art is all over the Internet, my somewhat basic art skills lead me to seek out simple DIY designs that can be completed easily and quickly. This cute (and easy!) floral nail design requires three different polish colours and the end of a bobby pin or tip of a pencil for the dots.

1. To begin, paint your nails with a base colour and let it dry completely. To make the flowers really stand out, use a lighter shade for the base.

2. Once your base coat is dry, start dotting your flowers with the bobby pin and darkest nail polish shade. Make a three point shape (think of Mickey Mouse’s head) with three dots of the polish. I went with two clusters per nail but you can decide how many will fit on each of your fingers.

3. After your clusters have dried, use your third colour to make a smaller dot in the centre of the flowers. You can add more small dots of the third shade to cover the rest of your nails like I did, or you can leave those spaces empty.

With these simple steps it will feel like spring is already here… at least on your fingertips!

Click through the slideshow below for more DIY nail art.

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