12/07/2012 01:30 EST | Updated 02/06/2013 05:12 EST

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board set for one-day teacher walkout Wednesday

OTTAWA - The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board says all elementary schools in the district will be closed on Wednesday as teachers are set to stage a one-day strike.

The board says it was advised of the move by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, which has warned of upcoming rotating strikes across the province.

The union has given a 72-hour notice of strike and parents have been advised to make alternate childcare arrangements.

The district's secondary schools will be open that day however, and those students are expected to attend classes.

The Ottawa-Carleton board is the latest to be hit by the one-day walkouts, which the union says are to protest new legislation that gives the government the power to stop strikes and impose collective agreements.

Elementary teachers in the Avon Maitland and Ontario North East school boards have said they will stage a one-day strike on Monday.

Their counterparts in the Toronto District School Board — the largest in the country with about 550 schools — will also be in a legal position to strike that day.

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board in northwestern Ontario meanwhile says it has been told of a one-day strike at its elementary schools on Tuesday.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has said he would not block the planned walkouts since they are only for one day and the union has promised to give 72-hours notice.

But Education Minister Laurel Broten says if the strikes go beyond one day, the government has already prepared the necessary legal documents to end them.

Four unions are taking the cash-strapped government to court over the law, arguing it's unconstitutional and violates collective bargaining rights.

But the Liberals, who brought back the legislature early to push Bill 115 through, said it's necessary to freeze public-sector pay and eliminate the province's $14.4-billion deficit.