12/07/2012 20:39 EST | Updated 02/06/2013 05:12 EST

Police target residents for little-known parking bylaw

People parked on a steep hill on De Buillon Street, just south of Sherbrooke Street, are being ticketed $56 for not having their wheels facing in the right direction.

"Its ridiculous, everything's so expensive now. It's out of whack," said Jaclyn Adamchevski, who lives in the neighbourhood.

The law states that if a vehicle is parked facing uphill, its wheels should be turned towards the road and if the car is parked downhill, they should face the curb.

Insp. Andre Durocher, with the Montreal Police traffic division, said that while residents may unfamiliar with the law, police are only doing their job.

Durocher said the law is designed to keep cars from rolling down the hill and hurting someone.

"If there's a problem with your car or if the transmission breaks down, your car will be stopped by the curb … so that's why every once in a while there is enforcement regarding this law," he said.