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Wedding Trends 2013: The Hottest Invitation Trends

Megan Wappel

Don't underestimate the importance of your wedding invitations! More than simply providing the Who? Where? and When? of your event, invitations give guests an idea of what to expect at your wedding. Whether you choose an art deco font and cityscape graphics, or a whimsical letterpress suite with bunting banners, your invitations contribute to your wedding's overall theme.

Ensure your celebration makes a stylish first impression with these helpful tips from Toronto stationer Megan Wappel.

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What are some of the hottest stationery trends for 2013?

Megan Wappel: The “homemade,” yet polished, rustic look is still very big -- think birds, burlap, kraft paper, garden chic. Incorporating paint as well as graphic design -- watercolor papers and floral gouache designs, for example -- is also a big trend because it gives that handmade feel. Geometric stationery with big bold sans serif fonts and blocks of color is also on the rise. Letterpress stationery is making a massive comeback, as is laser-cut detailing. You can dye the edges of letterpress paper in different colors and letterpress allows designs to be pressed with metallic foiling, which adds such an amazing touch. Couples have really taken notice of how important the fonts are when trying to establish a theme. The script font has really made it’s way out this year, as new “hip” elegant fonts have come into the limelight.

What trends that were popular in 2012 will be "out" in 2013?

MW: Ombre! So many aspects of weddings, from invites and cakes to the bride’s hair, are ombre. This trend is still huge, but I have a feeling that it may “fade” later in 2013. I only say that because it's so popular and, therefore, not as unique. I think the aspect of using different shades and tones of a certain color will always be popular for weddings, but I’m not sure that ombre will last forever. But for now, lets just say it is a look that many of us still adore!

With so many digital invitation options, why are couples still loving traditional paper wedding invitations?

MW: People tend to forget about digital invitations or they don’t even open the emails. People are used to getting flyers and bills in the mail, so it’s always nice to open your mailbox and see a creative wedding invitation addressed to you. An invite in the mail tells people that they will indeed be special guests at this event. Sending a digital invite sets a less-than-enthusiastic tone for what is to come at the wedding because it’s read on a screen and then closed and never really seen again.

What is your #1 tip for couples who love letterpress invitations but have to stick to a tight budget?

MW: Sit down with a stationer and see what other options you have to make your stationery stand out. There are embossing stamps you can get at many craft stores that add that little extra detailing to a digital print. If done well, they look like a deboss press. Matching envelope liners, twine, address labels -- all these little digital print details that go with the main invites -- will make your invitation pop, even if it’s not letterpress. Or, you can go with one main invite card that has as much information as possible (without it looking crammed) and then create a free wedding website that supports digital RSVPs. That way, you don’t need any insert cards or RSVP return envelopes, which allows you to use all of your invitation budget on letterpress.

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