12/08/2012 14:59 EST | Updated 02/07/2013 05:12 EST

More 1-day teacher walkouts announced

Parents and guardians of children in elementary schools need to start preparing for a series of rotating strikes this month.

Elementary school teachers in parts of Niagara region and northwestern Ontario (Keewatin-Patricia area) announced Saturday that they will be walking off the job on Tuesday Dec. 11.

Ottawa's English public elementary school teachers will be walking off the job on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

The first one-day walkout has been announced for the Avon Maitland and Ontario North East School Districts on Monday.

A news release issued by the ETFO Keewatin-Patricia locals said the day-long strike will signal to the government its displeasure with Bill 115 — the controversial law that freezes teacher's wages and can put a stop to strike action.

“Our members recognize that they need to stand firm and stand up for their democratic rights, regardless of how difficult or inconvenient that may be,” said Robert Calder, President of Keewatin-Patricia Occasional Teacher Local in a release.