12/11/2012 12:01 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:53 EDT

Stylish Gifts For Women: Holiday Present Ideas For Your Wife, Girlfriend Or Mother

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It appears, last-minute shopping for the holidays is still a man's game. According to recent research, "9.7 per cent of men says they expect to finish their shopping on Christmas Eve, compared with 3.6 per cent of women."

The study goes on to say dudes are most likely to finish their Christmas shopping at a supermarket.

And fellas, we know you can do better.

In an attempt to help you get some of your shopping done before Santa closes up his mall-based shops, we've compiled a list of super stylish and easily accessible items to give the ladies in your life (be they friends or family).

Bonus: We've even got you covered if you're on the last-minute hunt for gifts to give the guys in your life.

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