12/11/2012 02:14 EST

Organ Donation: New Campaign Reminds Us That Organ Donations Can Come From Anyone

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No, this isn't something out a horror movie — it's just a unique way to understand organ donations.

The eye-catching three-part ad, courtesy of Change, an advertising agency in France, shows us that organ donations can come from just about anyone — even the people you least expect.

The campaign, created for the Life Transplant Foundation also notes there were more than 16,371 patients on their waiting list last year and only 1572 donors in France, according to Ads of the World.

In Canada, the numbers are equally dismal. Even though 2,153 patients received transplants in 2010, another 4,529 Canadians remained on the waiting list and 247 patients died, according to the London Health Sciences Centre. And as CTV reported earlier this year, only 13 out of every million Canadian is signed up to be an organ donor.

The ad, which features two typical people morphed into one body, is meant to showcase Change's slogan:, "You never know who ends up giving, and who ends up receiving. We're all ready to benefit, but would you be ready to give? To receive, you have to give."

The campaign itself is facing mixed results online. One user called it a total disaster, "the characters are all clichés and the retoucher should clearly look for another job." Another commenter thought it was funny, and many argued that the execution could have been better.

But it could be that just getting this attention is enough to put the issue front and centre, and potentially get more donors to sign up.

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