12/11/2012 06:07 EST

Pet Gifts: 32 Gift Ideas For Your Cute Pet


Happy holidays — we mean howlidays.

With all this recent hype around the Ikea monkey and his beloved shearling coat, it's no surprise that pet owners (both new and old) love the idea of spoiling their pets.

As you get your holiday shopping list organized in the next few weeks, why not treat those little (or big) critters in your life with an extra special gift? How else can you treat someone who keeps you feeling warm and happy and looks absolutely adorable doing it?

Besides the basics like dog treats, cat litter boxes and bird cages, we branched out and mixed in a few unique gifts like stylish designer leashes, trendy bird feeders and even a hamster wheel disguised as a car.

Take a look yourself with these 32 gifts ideas for your favourite pet:

Gift Ideas For The Pet Lovers