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Google Top Searches: Zeitgeist 2012 Names Canada's Top Trends And Searches

What are Canada's top Google searches for 2012? Justin Bieber, Stephen Harper and bacon, for starters.

Google's annual Zeitgeist revealed 2012's most popular search terms and trends in different categories, from celebrities to sports teams to destinations. It listed the top 10 entries in every field, providing an interesting glimpse into the year's biggest moments.

Whitney Houston topped this year's 'trending' searches for celebrities after her tragic death in February. Boy band One Direction were the most searched musicians over Justin Bieber, although the Biebs did finish first in the list for most searched Canadian musicians. Prime Minister Stephen Harper earned the top spot on the most searched Canadian politicians list, edging out Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau.

To see more of Canada's top Google searches in more categories like Canadian food, retailers and cities in Google Maps, flip through the gallery.

Google Zeitgeist 2012
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