12/12/2012 09:28 EST | Updated 02/11/2013 05:12 EST

Police raids target suspected false billing in Quebec construction industry

MONTREAL - Police raids targeting the construction industry are being conducted across Quebec this morning.

About 140 police officers have fanned out into multiple pockets of the province, including the Quebec City, Beauce, Saguenay, Montreal and central Quebec regions.

The raids are the latest of many in the province.

Today's operation involves the provincial police, local police and the province's revenue agency.

Provincial police say the raids will not result in immediate arrests but are merely one step in an ongoing investigation.

They say they are targeting suspected false billing in the construction industry.

The province's corruption inquiry recently heard that fake invoices are routinely created in the industry in order to launder money and provide cash for a variety of illegal purposes.

The inquiry is examining cartels suspected of inflating the cost of public projects and splitting the profits with the Mafia, crooked bureaucrats and political parties.