12/12/2012 11:07 EST | Updated 02/11/2013 05:12 EST

Terrace Boys Save Men From Fire

City Of Terrace

TERRACE, B.C. - When two northwestern B.C. boys saw their dad's heroic efforts suddenly take a life-threatening turn, the boys and their two young cousins knew exactly what to do.

Terrace-area Brothers Nickolas and Patrick Hamer, and their cousins Dayne and Parker Wright, were with the Hamer boys' dad, Murray, in January when something ignited the clothes of Murray's co-worker.

But as the two men fought to douse the flames, Murray's clothes also caught fire and the children leaped into action.

They used blankets to smother the flames licking at both men, and then grabbed a fire extinguisher to ensure there were no flare-ups.

All four children have now been presented with Governor General's Certificates of Commendation for Bravery at a ceremony in Terrace.

The four kids say they learned the techniques through school fire safety drills. (CFTK)